We are a family run business that has been a part of the dental community for over 17 years.  Our innovative mindsets and the premise of keeping it simple have produced the largest and most efficient dental facilities in the country. Our core values have bonded relationships with our clients that have lasted over a decade. 


It can be a challenge to separate business relationships from personal. In this business, because we work so closely with our clients, we tend to become personally involved and almost emotional about making the client happy. Building a business is a challenge, and making that business successful can only happen with relationships. Our staff, hands down, is the nicest, most caring group of people in the industry. Throughout our 17 years of supporting the dental community in Florida, we have made amazing connections and advanced more through the power of referral than any other marketing tool available to us. Our success, not only financially but professionally, depends on how we treat our clients. The dental community is built on referrals, and we thrive on that. We just want you happy.
— ClearDental



People are more important than profits. We take care of our team and value the relationships that we develop with clients. We also realize that we're creating for humans and consider their needs before anything else.


We believe that we're better together than apart. We challenge each others ideas and assumptions and push each other to improve. We seek to foster collaboration both within our team as well as with our clients.

Career Openings

    You'll need some experience with servers, switches, making patch cables and sometimes digging holes. We need Jack's.

    If you can analyze data and know how to get that data, Cool Cool.  Then, you'll be great at helping answering phones and running some errands too!