Spodak Dental Group/spodak.com
Delray Beach, FL

Working with Dr Spodak is an amazing feather in our headdress.  He and his team have created one of the most amazing dental facilities on the planet.  Make no mistake, he is demanding at times! These are the challenges we love to beat. 


Kawa Orthodontics/braces1.com
Boca Raton, FL

Dr Kawa is hands down the most generous, giving person we work with, not to mention the client we've had for the longest time! His referrals have been paramount to our success! We started with him in 1998 and he has built one of the largest orthodontic practices in the world! We have slept in his office many times making sure his facility runs without a hitch.  On our watch he has had an uptime of 99% in our 17 year relationship. Man time flies!


Designer Family Dental/mypainfreedentist.com
Delray Beach, FL/Boynton Beach, FL

We met with Designer Family Dental just as they were beginning the build of their newest location and it has been a fantastic partnership ever since! We were with them every step of the way with the expansion of a 2nd location in Boynton Beach. We worked along side Dr Adami, his Managers and his Contractors to make sure his new location is perfect and runs flawlessly. They now have 2 state of the art facilities in Delray and Boynton Beach and growing more every day. All of their staff is an absolute pleasure to work with and we cannot wait to see where this partnership goes! Office number 3? We're ready! 



Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics/smilewithdrg.com
Plantation, FL/Pembroke Pines, FL

Dr. Grandison has been a loyal client of ours since 2010.  We currently manage all of his IT needs in both locations.  We were hired initially to help get the practice running more efficiently and creating the best solution for both of his locations to communicate.  Dr Grandison was finally able to make his primary focus his patients and leave the IT concerns to ClearDental. We are so happy to have Dr. Grandison and his team as a satisfied customer and look very forward to what the future brings!