With so many options available for Workstations and Server configurations, it can be difficult to decide what type of hardware to choose for your practice. ClearDental can assist you in making the right hardware decisions that will exceed your practice management software specifications, reducing unnecessary costs and adding some future profit.  Our Clinical Work Stations and Clinical Servers are built with the assistance of our Dell Premier team, ensuring the right components.  As a Dell Premier Provider, ClearDental is able to provide these stations and servers, standard, with a Dell Premier 3 year warranty.  As well, we have a Dell Premier Team available for consultation when configuring your equipment and can provide our clients excellent pricing on this custom tailored hardware. 

Dental Networking Eagle Soft Dentrix Boca Raton Florida Dental IT Support

Practice Construction

ClearDental works with Doctors, Contractors and Dental Supply Representatives when building a new facility.  We map out network wiring layouts, run low voltage wiring such as Phone, Data and Audio and create the blueprint for your practice network. 

PowerEdge Clinical Servers

ClearDental Clinical Dell Servers are specifically configured for your Dental Imaging and Patient Management softwares. The hardware for these compatibility requirements vary from a standard computer installation.  ClearDental custom configures and installs your server operating systems to meet all your practice needs.

OptiPlex Clinical Workstations

ClearDental Clinical Dell Workstations are specifically configured for your Practice Imaging and Patient Management softwares. We custom configure each work station for your Operatory and Front Office needs.  As well, we will install all needed peripherals such as printers, scanners and all software needed to run your practice. 

Firewall and HIPAA Compliance

ClearDental knows how important your patient data is.  Do you know how important the US Federal Government thinks it is? Enough so that a single violation in the handling of that data could cost you your business.  Within our own company we consider this the highest priority of any service we offer and the attention ClearDental gives your Patient Data Management is unparalleled. We provide a fully managed and monitored service to protect you against the risk of infection or attack from viruses, bots, trojans and malicious emails containing dangerous content.  At ClearDental we take a proactive approach to managing your security and protecting your patient's private information.  We protect your network and data with a FireWall Security appliance that meets HIPAA requirements.  This includes: a Firewall stopping malicious web traffic, content filtering which blocks access to websites with objectionable, unproductive or malicious content, anti-spam filtering, anti-spyware protection as well as managing security updates and rapid response/containment of threats.  

Having WiFi has become almost a given in any business.  Is your WiFi HIPAA compliant? Your network must be secure and if your going to offer WiFi access to your guests, it must be separate to protect your network.  ClearDental will take care of all your WiFi needs AND keep you in compliance with any and all standards that must be met. We don't make the rules but we'll help you follow 'em!

Practice Surveillance Systems

Dental Surveillance HIPPA Networking Eagle Soft Dentrix Boca Raton Florida Dental IT Support

Video Surveillance has become a very important element in Dental Practice. ClearDental can provide a state of the art camera system with HD imaging (Indoor/Outdoor), DVR storage including 30 days (more is available if necessary for an additional cost) and accessibility from your desktop or mobile device.  Our video captured in medical facilities is often used to disprove false legal claims resulting in avoided legal fees and minimized stress.  Additionally, visual proof of destructive activity such as vandalism, theft and malicious activity can be invaluable to your practice.  Learn More

Patient Entertainment

Dental HIPPA Networking Eagle Soft Sound Dentrix Boca Raton Florida Dental IT Support

Patient entertainment can be a huge part of having your practice stand apart from the competition. ClearDental can install custom HiFi audio, high-end streaming music speakers, whole-office audio setups and room by room audio with volume controls. ClearDental also installs televisions with entertainment such as movie and TV show access to enhance the patient experience. Let's face it: ALL medical offices run behind schedule sometimes! If your patient doesn't even realize they've been waiting how great is that?! These additions can absolutely make the difference in your patient's total perception of your practice.  A good perception leads to return patients, referrals and higher profits for you!

Phone System and VOIP Solutions

ClearDental will help you determine the best phone system for your practice needs.  We offer small key systems with one to four lines for smaller practices or larger PBX systems with unlimited scalability and Internet based systems (VOIP) for doctors with multiple locations or employees working offsite. 

Dental HIPPA Networking Eagle Soft Dentrix VIOP Boca Raton Florida Dental IT Support

Please take a look at some of our case studies where we have implemented the above equipment.