We take your practice environment very seriously and take pride in providing support for everything in your practice from little annoyances to major catastrophes. Even if you did not purchase equipment from us, we can help solve your issues. Our team has experience with every current practice management software, digital imaging software and digital imaging equipment. 

Encrypted Data Back-Up:

ClearDental Practice Management guarantees data recovery from a catastrophic failure within 1-24 hours when utilizing our system back up services.  Our disaster recovery systems have been tested hundreds of times during our 17 years in this business.  On and offsite Data Backup are imperative to the well being of your practice.  

With our help, you will be able to maintain the integrity of your data while also protecting your bottom line.  We offer 24-hour, HIPAA-compliant monitoring and cloud backup services. We also take the time to encrypt your files, documents and data.  We can store an unlimited amount of data and documents for both business and personal computer users.

Encrypted Email:

HIPAA regulations currently require all email correspondence to be encrypted. As many of you are aware, patient privacy and data security have taken center stage over the past two or three years. While many practices have taken some of the steps necessary to become compliant, many do not realize the depth of the requirements to actually be HIPAA compliant.  We do. 

Make sure your practice is sending HIPAA compliant emails with confidence using ClearDental's HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email Services. 

Most email systems, like Gmail, Yahoo and even Outlook, are not encrypted.  With our Email Encryption Service, your message remains securely encrypted from send to receive. You control who sees your messages and a patented delivery slip will notify you when they’re received and opened. There is no hardware or software to manage and it is one easy set up appointment.  Also, we will do a one time training with your staff (unlimited attendees).  

Features & Benefits

-HIPAA Compliant
-Message Tracking
-Large File Transfers
-Delivery Slips
-Email Recall
-Mobile Apps
-End to End Encryption
-Easy integration
-Data Leak Prevention

Remote Support:

ClearDental support is only minutes away. Our team of local technicians can be at your practice within 1 hour for emergency services. Any technical issue, big or small, we are here to help. Regular maintenance and monitoring of company computers is essential to optimized desktop performance. Maintenance visits can be regularly scheduled to keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently. 

We provide network support for servers, computers and all the peripherals that are associated with a network for example: switches, routers, printers, wireless devices and telecommuting equipment support for remote office employees.

As part of the network support we perform Security audits, as well as evaluate and implement “Best Practices” security processes.  We become familiar with your network access needs and build a sound, customized security policy around those needs.  Our network support resolves break-fix issues and ensures your network is operational. 

Remote Managed Support:  

We work with fast paced, high production practices and it’s critical that there is little downtime in the event of computer issues or data loss.  Our team is equipped with the experience and knowledge to investigate, quickly find and provide solutions for your practice.  We provide remote assistance and deploy in-office personnel as needed.  We provide support and assistance for all computer issues, including: computer software and hardware problems, data backup, data and/or disaster recovery, slow computer issues, computer viruses, computer security investigation and resolution, HIPAA privacy and more.  Remote monitoring of the critical components of a network such as servers and firewalls are also provided.  In many cases, ClearDental can troubleshoot problems remotely to minimize network downtime.  Also with our automatic alerting systems, issues are resolved before they can significantly impact network performance at all.