Dental Computer Network Systems & Support. 

We specialize in 

 Dental Backup 

24/7 Data Maintenance and Protection.

ClearDental provides complete backup solutions that ensures your data is always safe, HIPAA compliant and updated. It is our goal to provide you with a Data Backup & Security solution that keeps catastrophic data loss downtime to less than 1 hour. Thanks to new backup technology, you can now have a completely automated onsite and offsite backup of your data for a small investment and a low monthly fee with ClearDental. 

Remote SupportMonthly Backup and Maintenance Programs

Includes: Hardware and installation discounts, Secure, HIPAA Compliant Complete Office Onsite & Offsite back up, 2 Hours onsite maintenance included a month, Unlimited Remote Workstation Support, 2 Free Workstation backups,1 Remote Access Logmein account, Practice Workstation and Server Monitoring, Email Encryption Services, HIPAA Compliance guidance, Help Call Priority, Discounted onsite hourly rate.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA regulations currently require all medical email correspondence to be encrypted.  As many of you are aware, patient privacy and data security have taken center stage over the past two or three years.  While many dental practices have taken some of the steps necessary to become compliant, many do not realize depth of the requirements to actually be HIPAA compliant. ClearDental can help.

Breakaway provides regular system maintenance and IT systems that will help your practice avoid many IT problems before they occur. With this service, practices can take advantage of unlimited phone support to address any sudden IT issues when they occur, while providing ongoing maintenance to prevent operating system problems. This comprehensive IT Management Plan is an all-encompassing service, providing support for the following:

  • Clean up computer disk usage on a regularly scheduled basis 
  • Remove all unneeded software and temp files for office workstations 
  • Perform regular security updates for windows and server software 
  • Check and update antivirus protection software for all users 
  • Run updates and scans for viruses and spyware 
  • Ensure that any relevant Microsoft updates are installed 
  • Completion of diagnostic checks on all computers 
  • Manage service for LAN/Switch/Router/Firewall 
  • Daily backup of dental database to cloud backup server 
  • Phone support and troubleshooting for all network issues

Your IT system should improve efficiency for your practice, not become an ongoing source of frustration for you and your staff. Technology difficulties can hinder work flow, slowing down every aspect of running your business. Slow operating systems and other technical issues can interfere with checking in patients, accessing files, and keeping your practice on schedule. With IT support from Breakaway, many technical issues can be avoided while protecting your data to meet all security regulations. This can save time, improve efficiency, and ensure your system is protected from infiltration.

Keeping your IT system running smoothly can improve almost every aspect of running your dental practice. Breakaway IT support allows you to focus your and your team's time on caring for patients without worries about your IT system. Let our IT experts maintain your system for improved speed and security, as well as handle any emergency IT issues through our phone IT support.

Regardless of the size of your practice, you can experience the rewards in operational productivity and increased profitability though Managed Services. By implementing a package with the power, flexibility, and scalability of a comprehensive and integrated solution, you will be able to meet your practice’s needs today and in the future. We are there when you need us. Take advantageof our 5 minute remote support and 1 hour on-site support commitment. Managed Services is the complete, proactive maintenance of your computer and network systems before problems occur.

  • Pay one, flat, affordable rate, with unlimited support
  • Avoid emergency costs
  • Proactive support helps prevent problems before they occur
  • Knowledgeable support staff – 24/7 monitoring
  • Faster performance, fewer glitches, and minimal downtime
  • Secure on-site and off-site backups safeguard your data
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance keeps technology running right
  • Comprehensive server, network, and workstation security
  • Disaster recovery quickly restores your practice
  • Regular on-site visits
  • Unlimited Priority Phone Support
  • Dental Technology Vendor Issue Mitigation (we work with your vendors on your behalf)
  • Hardware & Installation Discounts
  • Cybersecurity/IT Security
  • Practice Management and Digital Imaging Software Upgrades
  • Dental Data Secure Off-Site Backup
  • Email Hosting
  • Anti-Virus and Security Service Renewals
  • Proactive Workstation and Server Monitoring
  • HIPAA Compliance Guidance
  • IT Technology Investment Planning

Dental PC provides a reliable, stress free, solution to managing your IT. Complete Care is a monthly fixed fee maintenance plan providing unlimited IT support, security and monitoring, as well as strategic support and guidance for your practice. Our IT Support plan is focused on the advancement of your network infrastructure to meet all your business objectives. We know what it takes to keep your practice running successfully while providing all the benefits of a highly developed internal IT department at a fraction of the cost. Our vast knowledge base ensures at least one person on our team has experienced nearly every issue your practice will face. In fact we have over 100 combined years of experience providing IT support services and technology solutions in the dental field.