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Should Hurricane Irma become a reality here in South Florida over the next couple of days,

we want you to be prepared!

IT Preparedness Checklist:

  • Make sure ALL data is backed up locally AND offsite. This should include patient data at the very least, but also any critical documents you do not want to lose. 
  • *If you are utilizing ClearDental’s monthly back up services, then you can check this off your list! ( If you are not on ClearDental's managed backup services we cannot guarantee the recovery of your practice data. )
  • Make sure all equipment is connected to the proper surge protectors and battery back ups. This should always be the situation – however it is imperative at this time.
  • Even though your equipment is plugged into the above mentioned surge protectors and battery backups – If you close your office in the event of the hurricane – Please shutdown everything. When you reopen for business after the storm you can start everything back up again by simply hitting the power button on all devices.
  • Make sure all workstations and servers are not sitting on the floor in the event of water damage. 

If you have any questions about ANY of these please do not hesitate to call us so we can make sure you are ready to weather the storm! 😀