Dental Computer Network Systems & Support. 

We build custom, reliable, secure network infrastructures for your Dental Practice.

 Dental Backup 

24/7 Data Maintenance and Protection.

ClearDental provides complete backup solutions that ensures your data is always safe, HIPAA compliant and updated. It is our goal to provide you with a Data Backup & Security solution that keeps catastrophic data loss downtime to less than 1 hour. Thanks to new backup technology, you can now have a completely automated onsite and offsite backup of your data for a small investment and a low monthly fee with ClearDental. 

Remote Support

Monthly Backup and Maintenance Programs

Includes: Hardware and installation discounts, Secure, HIPAA Compliant Complete Office Onsite & Offsite back up, 2 Hours onsite maintenance included a month, Unlimited Remote Workstation Support, 2 Free Workstation backups,1 Remote Access Logmein account, Practice Workstation and Server Monitoring, Email Encryption Services, HIPAA Compliance guidance, Help Call Priority, Discounted onsite hourly rate.

Encrypted Email 

HIPAA regulations currently require all medical email correspondence to be encrypted.  As many of you are aware, patient privacy and data security have taken center stage over the past two or three years.  While many dental practices have taken some of the steps necessary to become compliant, many do not realize depth of the requirements to actually be HIPAA compliant. ClearDental can help..